Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Supply chain manager


Job typePermanent


Experience10 - 12 Years


*      Ensures strict adherence to schedules for end-to-end supply chain operations (from order to despatch).

*      Identifies gaps in supply chain and looks for areas of improvement

*      Takes overall responsibility for the planning, directing, controlling and operational management of the Supply Chain from production planning & sourcing to manufacturing till the finished goods reach the distributors.

*      Takes overall responsibility for supply chain streamlining, optimal utilization of resources, improving process efficiencies and reducing the total cost of Warehousing & Transportation

*      Develops people capabilities ensuring efficient performance



*      Understands the business needs and incorporates it into the Supply Chain management ensuring demand satisfaction, quality standards and optimum utilization of resources.

*      Assumes overall responsibility for continuous improvement and development of new systems and processes and standardising them in the supply chain targeted at meeting the future needs of the organization

*      Develops strategic plans for efficient supply chain management & process improvement and translates them into standard processes & systems to minimise cycle time & cost

*      Understands the future business needs and develops plans infrastructural development in the supply chain, including capacity expansion, Plant Automation etc.

*      Scans the market for cutting edge technology, equipment, systems and processes for improving efficiency, quality and reducing costs or for future business requirements.


*      Ensures optimal resource utilisation & supply chain streamlining by effective planning & coordination between processes such as production planning, sourcing, logistics and manufacturing units.

*      Ensures supply chain efficiencies by streamlining processes between sales operations, sales requirements, sourcing and logistics.

*      Ensures prudent inventory management of RM, PM and finished goods.

*      Establishes standardised systems and processes to enhance operational efficiencies.

*      Suggest methods for improving the order-to-dispatch supply chain efficiency and reduce gaps and delays





*      Takes responsibility of improving profitability by identifying cost reduction opportunities through increasing Supply Chain efficiency and optimal utilisation of resources.

*      Ensures the availability of information on key operational and cost parameters at every stage of the supply chain.

*      Takes initiatives for cost reduction in transportation, storage and other related costs by new initiatives and standardising them.



*      Takes responsibility for people development initiatives and building up of in-house capabilities and develops succession plans for key positions in the department.

*      Interacts regularly with process heads to identify and remove any obstacles to the fostering of an efficient and value driven work culture

*      Ensures timely PMS implementation and adherence to prescribed procedures.

*      Ensures adequate motivation and retention of all employees reporting to the position

*      Provides the necessary leadership and guidance to key employees and top performers through mentoring and identification of best practices to enhance performance efficiencies.

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Reference number HCP#RQN/44364/14

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