Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Assistant Store Manager


Job typePermanent


Experience3 - 7 Years





1) Job Purpose

To assist with the store manager in the store operations in an efficient and professional manner to ensure quality service to the customers. And, to provide prompt, efficient and courteous service; display salesmanship and hospitality, interact and assist with the Senior CCAs and CCAs to ensure that sales are proceeding smoothly.


2) Job Context

An assistant store manager has to assist the store manager in the daily operations and is also supposed to take various roles in the office as the need maybe. The assistant store manager has to manage the relationship with the visual merchandising team, projects team in the absence of the store manager to ensure that the upkeep and the maintenance of the store are proper, and has to report to the area regional manager for providing the whole information. Also, in the absence of the store manager, the assistant store manager has to take up the responsibilities of the Store Manager.


3) Accountabilities



Supporting Actions

Customer service quality

Establish rapport with potential and actual customers

Ensure clean and safe environment for the customer

Ensures capture of customer feedback by the usage of CSTS forms Ensure that customers become repeat customers once they enter

People Management

Schedule the shifts of the staff, and ensure the punctuality of the staff Motivate the staff during the morning briefing about the sales targets Regular training on fabrics, styles and fashion to the store staff Planning, monitoring and Appraisal of the staff on the monthly basis Take the initiative at the store level to improve the employee engagement

Visual Merchandising

Implementation of the plan along with the VM implementer or VM champ VM changes at the suitable times in the store

Ensures the display of all physical branding elements on the shop floor Ensure the lighting, display is proper and is as per VM manuals

Standard Operating


Ensures that store opening standards are followed properly

Responsible for personnel planning,