Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Store manager


Job typePermanent


Experience4 - 9 Years




1) Job Purpose:

To manage the retail operations of the respective store efficiently and run it as a successful SBU through effective stock management, visual merchandising and achieve the desired sales targets while ensuring the customer service of highest standards.



2) Job Context & Major Challenges:

A store manager has to manage the retail operations, and at the same time achieve the sales target within a stipulated budget allocated for the store. The store manager has to manage the relationship with the visual merchandising team, projects team to ensure that the upkeep and the maintenance of the store are proper, and has to report to the area regional manager for providing the whole information.

The major challenges of the jobholder are:

Lack of responsibility shown by the CCAs after few months of recruitment, low discipline levels Foreign brands are entering in the market which are attracting the CCAs with high pay-packages Consistency of the sales even in the absence of good CCAs or bad market conditions

Footfall high in certain stores but sales not up to those standards due to recreation shopping Inventory management and details of stock has to be on SKU basis

Limited stock present in the warehouse, and its immediate requirement in many stores


3) Accountabilities



Supporting Actions

Customer service quality

Establish rapport with potential and actual customers

Ensure clean and safe environment for the customer

Ensures capture of customer feedback by the usage of CSTS forms Ensure that customers become repeat customers once they enter

People Management

Schedule the shifts of the staff, and ensure the punctuality of the staff Motivate the staff during the morning briefing about the sales targets Regular training on fabrics, styles and fashion to the store staff Planning, monitoring and Appraisal of the staff on the monthly basis Take the initiative at the store level to improve the employee engagement

Visual Merchandising

Implementation of the plan along with the VM implementor